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Women have always been viewed as helpless and pretty objects. Women have never really been seen as people with feelings and opinions. It wasn't until late 1960's and early 1970's that women were finally taken seriously, and finally got equal rights. Before women were just expected to stay home, raise children, clean the house, be pretty for their husbands, and cook. Back in the days, before electricity was ever invented when people still had to use trees for their bathroom, women were considered objects. If you have seen Troy, that's a movie, then you will know what I'm talking about. In that movie the males are always saying go home and go sleep with your wife. Women back in those days were for entertainment. Women would not be queens and rule a country if their husbands were dead.

Women were expected to be "perfect," so much was expected from them but not the right things. As the years progressed women were not allowed to wear pants, because it made them less feminine. Women were not allowed to have jobs, because it made them seem manly. As the years started moving further around the time that American was getting its first settlers women weren't allowed to do anything really. Men never thought of women as leaders only followers. Women were not allowed to go to war. Now we do, but since the last war how many women were allowed to go to war? Not very many us. During every war, when a man went off to war the women were supposed to take their jobs, but when the men returned the females had to give their jobs back to the men. Women did such a good job, but...