Inescapable Past

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The sun seeped through the glass pane burning into him that this is reality. He sat on the couch. His heart was empty yet, his mind couldn’t be stopped. He gazed outside watching a bird softly perch on the outside ledge wishing, “If only my life was that simple, that free.”This morning his life was a benign and jovial place. He woke up to the urban bustle of Wall Street. His conservative suit was custom tailored. He was a usual at the Big City Café with his strong aromatic black coffee and two slightly runny poached eggs. His office was furnished with a dark cherry desk accented with his case of golden pens studded with fine rubies and his engraved name reading “William Benson”. His table always reserved for the mandatory cliental meeting and dutiful drink with coworkers after a successful merger. This, at least, was his life before he met her.

She swayed him from his innocent, innocuous life with her red satin dress, professionally groomed body, and formal yet affable personality. She talked with great resolution and hidden premeditation with him. Too distracted to notice, naïvely, he accepted her invitation of midnight drinks and company. The taxi is called, the elevator opens, the apartment door unlocked, and the trap is sprung.

He locked the door behind him turning to his expected night. “No.” His mind staggered to grasp onto the surreal moment. She held his past squarely in her hand.

“Surprised Mr. Somma?” Her sarcastic tone pierced into him.

He slowly nodded acknowledging her power, walking over to the kitchen island.

“I want what’s mine.” Her face smiled, unable to stop the joy of seeing her plan come to fruition.

“Fine.” He reached into the drawer near him pulling out salvation from this crisis.

A corpse lay on the floor now. Reality starting to set in. His mind pondering and his gaze fixated on the bird perched on the ledge. The birds dives from its perch gracefully lifting back up flying towards the morning sun.

“I guess its about time for me to move on too.”