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I was asked to write an interesting piece on a memory that I have, many things came to mind. One thing that mostly stuck out in my mind was a recent incident that happened with my sister and I. This certain recollection brought up a lot of feelings that I haven't dealt with since such as sadness, confusion, and fear. As the events of the story occur you will begin to understand these emotions. For now, let's start from the beginning.

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, and my family and I had just finished having lunch in "Mosaic", which was a great buffet restaurant in "The Phoenicia Hotel". We later on decided to pass by "ABC Shopping Mall" on our way home because my sister wanted to get a couple of things. So after walking around for about an hour, my mum started to get tired of walking around and decided to go home.

My two brothers went with her; my sister and I were to go in a cab later on. So as my sister and I walked around, we ended up going into "Virgin Mega-store" where we browsed through the big collection of books and DVD's they have. My sister headed to the cook book section, while I went to the novel section where they had a book for "Paulo Coelho" on display. It had a white and green cover, with "Angels & Demons" written on it. Next to it was a copy of "Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix" which as usual caught my eye (since I've read it about five times) and I picked it up.

After about half an hour I moved on to the DVD section of the big crowded area. The walls were covered with pictures of movies, and the...