"Inevitably Distant." I wrote this about a friend I care for that I could never be with.

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Maybe I can write this poem

To tell you that I'm not done

I write these feelings for you

So they can touch you in the wind

But I must be distant

Forwarding my messages

I'll be the moon to your sun

Just watching over you

Can you see me in your rays?

Maybe one day I can touch you

Feel your smile open my eyes

And give you the feelings

That I owe to you

I think I'll go away for now

Travel the seas and tour the lands

But I won't forget you

I'll always remember

When I'm staring in the stars

I hope you understand me now

I mean well but I fear too

I couldn't handle hurting you

So I write this poem

Maybe I could spell your name right

And be different from everyone

Show you my honest eyes

And let you stare into my thoughts

This must be confusing to you

But my explanation is overdue

I never thought I'd find you

Someone so close yet inevitably distant