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In 65 percent of child homicides, the parent is the perpetrator (Bureau of Justice Statistics). Millions of infants fall victim to infanticide or the killing of infants. Many voiceless souls die at the selfishness of their parents before they ever get to live their lives. In overpopulated countries infanticide is prevalent due to the scarcity of supplies and little access to contraceptives (Meyer). Girls are one of the biggest targets because they often pose a large financial burden, resulting in a small number of females in a population. In attempts to demolish infanticide actions are being taken through protection programs and government regulations.

Infanticide occurs commonly because of scarcity and overpopulation in a country. More than one-fourth of the world’s underdeveloped countries have high rates of infanticide because of a deficiency of materials (Bureau of Justice Statistics). These countries generally lack food, supplies, and medical care.

But for countries like China and India, money is the culprit. Some Chinese and Indian families cannot take on the responsibility of caring for another child medically. Thus, either abortion or infanticide becomes a method that easily rids a family of such a problem (Milner).

In China, government regulations have been put into action, such as the one child per couple rule. Each couple may only have one child during their marriage. However, if their one child is a female, then they are allowed to try again for a male within five years.

In many countries there is also little to no access to contraceptives or birth control. Women might be controlled by their husbands to the extent where they have no control over becoming pregnant. In this case, contraceptives are even more necessary because avoiding sexual activity is obviously not an option.

For other countries, infanticide does not exist...