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Yes, what about that inflation. Is it a true American problem these days or what? Americans do not really look at it but yet it is a problem whether we the people notice it or not. All inflation really is that there is a higher cost of living then what there was before.

To start I would like to talk about how our government is handling our inflation problem. Is the government trying to work harder and make our society better by causing inflation or are they destroying our society and making more problems for us. They put in tax cuts but do they honestly accomplish anything good? Most people would say that our government is looking out for the higher class of society or are they really trying to help out the little guy. Since September 11th inflation has hit our nation, but is it due to the attacks and fear of another attack.

Also, it could be due to the economical plans put in action by our government or even our great president Bush to help our economy get better.

Our nation's inflation has caused an increase in prices of many things. One of the most important is the increased price of oils and gases. Another increase is the prices of foods and many other daily used objects. Do to these increases of prices and no increase in wages, the unemployment rate has sky rocketed. This is causing older people to take teenagers' jobs such as: food market jobs, jobs in the movies, shopping centers, and just about everything else that pays minimum wages. This decreases the amount of people in the work force which causes the government to spend more money on welfare then what they receive in taxes. Counting on getting back all the tax...