Influence and affect the Internet places on IT Security

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Influence and affect the Internet places on IT Security Organizations in today's high technological atmospheres, are becoming ever more reliant on their information systems. The threats are steadily increasing toward information systems from criminals and terrorists. Information is an area that many organizations will identify in their operation as needing protection as part of their system of internal control.

The news is filled with articles concerning viruses, hackers, and online fraud although not much is heard about organizations that experience profit variations due to computer failure, or organizations that are unsuccessful in surviving a major disruption to the organization data and operating systems (Filipek, 2006). Information security management systems is nonexistent in a great majority of organizations and even where systems have been planned and implemented, the systems are more often than not lacking. The challenges, demands, and risks faced by organizations operating in this information rich and technologically intensive environment require a proper response (Filipek, 2006).

Of the CIO's and upper IT management reviewed, 40% believed Internet originated corruption is the foremost risk to businesses today and those surveyed only 59%, considered their IT departments as having acceptable defends against online thieves (Filipek, 2006). Furthermore 66% upper IT management identify internal risks to be an up-and-coming threat to organizational security, at the same time 84% revealed that solitary hackers are being supplanted by systematic and technically skillful criminal groups (Filipek, 2006). Those surveyed acknowledged reduced revenue and customers were the two largest concerns connected with online crimes, with injury to the organization brand and standing following close behind, the cost connected to re-establishing services and deficiency in employee production and market capitalization.

To lessen the influence of cyber security assaults and avoid internal risk, organizations are exercising a mixture of precautionary, protective and detection controls, the study revealed, 74%...