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A Controversial Issue " Teenagers Communicating with their Parents" In the average household teenagers have been a showing of lack in communication with their parents. About 46% of teenagers today don't communicate with their parents as much as they did back in the past years ( my opinion ). It seems now that we have entered the millennium many teenagers have been taking control of their lives and understandings. They seem to communicate more with their friends rather than with their parents.

In most occasions teenagers talk to their friends about personal problems or issues. Teenagers feel if they share their problems with their friends they can relate and understand them better.

Teenagers have different sources to rely on when it comes to communication whether it's talking to their friends, reading magazines or just listening to music that talks about their problems. Teenagers feel that their parents are just there and wont understand their problems.

Teenagers might not want to communicate with their parents because they might fear the opinions or thoughts of their parents.

Therefore, I as a teenager feel I should spend more time sharing my problems or issues with my parents rather than with my friends. I shouldn't be afraid to hide my problems. Our parents are the ones we should trust. A family who communicate with their children, are bound to stay together, help each other, and trust each other. To communicate is to exchange thoughts and to learn more about someone.