Influences on Childrens Behavior

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As more generations of children are born into the world, it is common to see a negative decline in good behavior. There are many questions asked as to why children are tending to lean more on the negative and violent side of life. An abundance of people claim these behaviors are developed through their private home life, and many more people claim that children learn their negative actions through the media, such as internet and television, or through movies, music and video games. Children born within the past 10 years have experienced increases in media technology, including new games, and more intense television shows. These new games and shows have evolved behaviors in young people for the worst, some which have developed to be unbearably violent.

In today’s current society, parents are allowing their children an increase in slack for what they are allowed to do. Children are now attending more violent and increased sexual movies.

Sometimes parents attend the movie also to act as a chaperone, but other times, movie “theaters don’t enforce the age restrictions, allowing unaccompanied minors to watch restricted movies” (Hansen) by themselves, allowing them to be exposed to this inappropriate behavior. Many parents and critics are “attacking Hollywood” (Hansen) for disrupting “traditional family values” (Hansen) and imposing on their children’s proper childhood. Parents who view these films feel that Hollywood is “promoting” (Hansen) this intense behavior and the improper age limit of attendees is due to the “total failure of the ratings system” (Hansen). Movies that have been rated “PG-13” (Hansen), meaning no children under the age of 13 years will be permitted to attend the viewing, are “today sometimes indistinguishable from age-restricted R-rated films in terms of the amount of violence and sex they contain” (Hansen). Parents and critics also state that...