An Informal Response on Socialism

Essay by nworb_leinad November 2006

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What are your views on socialism?

That's a fairly general question as there are certain policies which are congruent and beneficial to my personal opinions. Although overall, I deem socialism isn't nearly as efficacious, or lucrative for that manner, as Communism or Capitalism. The notion is quite appealing but realistically you have to consider about our society as a whole and when you deliberate on the dalliances of Socialism it would never be as formidable as other socio-economic methodologies.

Contemporary socialist movements imply the abrogation of markets, capital, and labor as a commodity which is why countries which implement these policies have exceedingly unstable or stagnant economies, or at least not as successful as those countries which don't. Essentially, when you have the property and distribution of finances under the people's control, things are bound to get complicated.

It's debatable though since Socialism does retain positives especially in stark contrast to other modi operandi.

For example the inherently capitalistic flaws including monopoly, unemployment, business cycles, vast inequalities in the distribution of wealth, exploitation of employees, et cetera all of which render the disparity of its praxis. But then you also have to consider how Capitalism is typically accompanied by the ideologies of meritocracy and democracy. This enables people to develop more viable work ethics en route to augmenting the production rate exponentially within that region. I mean if you know that your income is based on the maxim "you earn what you work for" then I feel that's equitable, more or less.

I could go on blathering about multitudinous social, economic, and political facets and how I perceive them but I'd rather not because I currently have other affairs which I need to attend to. Not to mention politics isn't really my forte. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon...