Informal Social Network

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Informal Social Network

Monique Cone, Valerie Arrington, Simona Pina, Ursula Thomas, Jessica Thedens


October 18, 2010

Elizabeth Nyang

Informal Social Network

If someone is a victim of domestic violence she should obtain help from family members or friends. Domestic violence is a crime, which affects the public health of not only the individual experiencing the domestic violence but others as well. Although men are also victims, women are primarily the ones affected. Each year, in the United States statistics show between three or four million women are abused by someone she knows. Most of the time domestic violence starts within a household. Young girls who are victims of abuse in their own home tend to have a pattern of being in abusive relationships, as they get older.

Young boys who witnessed their mother being abused may become an abuser when he gets older.

In most cases, women will stay with their abuser because they are in denial about their involvement in an abusive relationship and will sometimes make excuses for their partner who is abusing them. It is a form of manipulation and self-control and the victims feel trapped. The first step in helping herself as a victim is to identify that there is a problem and you need help. Abuse can be explained "in many different forms including physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse" (Allen & Trotter, 2009, pg.221).

This paper is about domestic violence and researching the different kinds of abuse and the main stages that take place in certain situations. Lately, domestic violence has been the main topic of discussion on many TV shows because of the recent incident of celebrities Chris Brown and Rhianna. Our team will take a look at domestic violence. The team is going to...