Informal social norms.

Essay by dwm December 2005

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In this assignment you have challenged me to violate one of the informal social norms that is pervasive in our society. After debating for some time over which social norm I would violate, I had decided on a classic that's right, I was going to break wind in public.

It was in music class when I decided to put my plans into action. It was on the day that my professor had scheduled a test. I sat there in my chair thinking, debating about when the perfect time would be to strike. It was when the room fell silent, everyone in the room concentrating on their test, there wasn't a sound in the whole auditorium. This is my chance I thought to myself, but out of nowhere I was blindside by the fact that I couldn't, "pass the gas" so to speak. So I sit there for a few moments in what almost feels like embarrassment and then I decide that I'll just make the noise.

So with my right hand I hold my index finger and my middle finger tightly together. I then lather between the two fingers with spit, I take a breath and blown between them. A loud, wet, shallow sounding fart comes out. I look up to see who might be acknowledging this noise a couple of kids in front of me turn their head to see who had done it. But quickly they went back taking their test. The girl next to me says, "wow that's really immature" shoots me look and then goes right back to taking a test.

Needless to say she obviously bared witness to the whole ordeal. Although she was right it was pretty immature for me to be making farting noises while taking a test. Oh well maybe one...