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ICT as a Career

The ICT field is developing on a daily

basis and there is no telling how this

scene will be in the next ten or so

years. Twenty years ago, ICT as a

career was not known especially with

computers. Fixed telephones were not

used vastly especially in the developing

world; with the advent of mobile

telephones though, the subscriber base

has increased. Developing countries are

now being targeted for their huge


The main advantage if ICT as a career is

that it is dynamic, it is forever

changing. This creates new

opportunities in this sector; for

instance, new communication hardware

and software is being created. This

creates new opportunities in teaching;

the instructors always have to be up to


The requirements for one to join the ICT

sector are varied. With knowledge in

Microsoft word, excel and access, you

can get a job as a data entry clerk.


get higher up the ladder, you would

need an undergraduate degree or a

master's degree in the related field.

Training of personnel in the ICT sector is

relatively inexpensive but you will need

to make sure that the quality of

education is up to the mark.

ICT creates motivation. when Bill Gates

founded Microsoft, he had a vision of

having every computer in homes and

offices running his Microsoft software.

This has shaped the way we all live and

communicate in today's world.

Entrepreneurship that is being created

by ICT is enormous. Cyber cafes are

popping up everywhere; people have to

check their e-mails almost on a daily

basis. Print media is being replaced by

the internet where daily papers are

being distributed, news channels also

offer broadband video streaming and

home made pod-casts are on the

increase. ICT is lucrative because of the...