The information age

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Joe the mailman will no longer be coming to your door. You won't have to go pick

up your newspaper in the bushes at 6:00am anymore. Libraries will be a thing of the past.

Why is this all happening? Welcome to the information age.

'You've got mail!' is the sound most people are listening to. No more licking

stamps, just click on the 'send' icon, and express delivery service will take on a whole

new meaning.

The future is here. Now, a mouse is better known as a computer device rather than

a rodent. Surfing is being done over the Internet instead of at the beach. Games are no

longer bought at toy stores, but are downloaded into our computers. All of this new

technology sounds fascinating, but will it benefit more than it will hurt?

Think about my opening sentence, catchy right? Well, think about it again. What is

going to happen to good 'ole Joe? And those nice librarians, what about them? Will they

be out of a job? Will they be forced to operate computers that are foreign to them? How

do we as a society adjust to technological change? The answer lies in society's ability to

effectively measure the costs and benefits of technological change.

The rapid growth of technology brings with it a massive amount of hope, but also

despair. Kids are growing up with computers. They are learning more and faster than

other generations could. This is wonderful, right? Maybe not. Will computers deplete the

social skills kids need to mature? Will being a member of America OnLine rather than a

youth group prove to be helpful or the opposite? Our generation will need to lead this

technological revolution in the right direction. We need to offset the obstacles in our path.

We need...