Information, Analysis and Scorecard: The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C.

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As society becomes more technologically advanced, the demands of our consumers are heightened. It is necessary for all businesses and corporations to establish high performance systems and tactics to remain competitive and profitable. "Times are changing rapidly than we ever imagined. Our knowledge and practice of leadership must accommodate themselves to these changes if they do not want to be left behind." (Sarras and Santora, 2001, p.383) The Ritz-Carlton has integrated multiple systems to evaluate business projections to determine contributing factors that are beneficial toward the success and growth of the organization. The paper will overview the strengths of the information and analysis of the Ritz-Carlton and suggest improvements to the existing methods in an effort to increase organization efficiency.

StrengthsOrganizational Effectiveness is an internal indicators that identify key processes of performance, products and service. (Latham and Vineyard, 2005) The Ritz-Carlton has invested over 25 years of service to ensure the organization offered quality immaculate service.

The Ritz-Carlton has been known to pioneer in the hospitality industry by offering detailed, personalized customer service. Customer service can be a fundamental component to the growth, success, and failure of an organization. The Ritz-Carlton has modeled customer service and quality. Many organizations use the Ritz-Carlton as a benchmark for training.

In the hospitality industry, service can cultivate or stifle the organization. Customer service represents quality and service by exceeding the customer's expectations. The organization has built a foundation on customer service and attention to detail. The Ritz-Carlton constantly integrates strategic plans to reinforce the customer service focus and philosophy of the organization. The Ritz-Carlton has adopted the 6P concept that defines their vision and expectations for customer service to include:1. Problem - What is the need of the customer?2. Product - What is it, Hotel accommodations, Facilities Rental or Leisure Services?3. Promises -...