Information Processing

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Information Processing is the sciences concerned with gathering and manipulating and storing and retrieving and classifying recorded information. According to Shannon and Weaver, information is the reduction in uncertainty (1948). This according to me is a very outdated definition of information, and is more applicable to time in which it was written. In the 1940's sciences were no that advanced as today and people did not have enough information on various phenomenon. However, now due to technological and scientific advancements people have enough information on various phenomena and any additional information can lead confusion and uncertainty. Just a couple of days ago my Statics T.A., Erik taught the class how to do a problem on lateral displacement in a particular way. Being a slow learner that I am I did not understand the problem at the first time, so I went to his office hours to take some additional help in understanding the same problem.

He explained the problem to me again and I got it that time, but then he told me that there was and easier way to solve that problem and then he explained to me the second way of doing the problem, the second method was indeed a lot simpler and I got it really fast. Then two days later when I had the Statics exam and I had to solve the same problem on the exam, I approached the problem confidently and tried it by the first method that he had taught me and I could not do it. Then I tried the same problem with the second method and I still could not do it, I had remembered parts of both kind of methods but I really did not know any one method completely. So ultimately I had to leave the problem and move...