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Puerto Rico occupies a central position in the Caribbean, approximately 1000 miles southeast of Miami. To the west lie the other larger islands of the Greater Antilles - Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Jamaica and Cuba - while to the east is Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico is comprised of six main islands with a land area of 3,421 square miles.


Spanish and English are the most spoken languages that are spoke in Puerto Rico.

Educational System

Education is very important to Puerto Ricans. During Spanish rule, teaching was limited to Christian subjects. Prior to 1840 there were very few books on the island. In 1937 it was determined that students learn English. To this day, both Spanish and English are required subjects. Education is mandatory between the ages of 6 and 17, and literacy is 90%. With over 1500 public schools, over 500 private schools, and over 50 colleges, we rank 6th in the world for students continuing to college.

The following schools teach primarily in English:





St. John's



The food of Puerto Rico is similar to Mexican and Spanish food with its own flavor to it. There are blends of African, Spanish, Taino and American influences to create the different dishes the people eat. The typical seasonings are papaya, cacao, nispero and apia, and the locals call their food Cocina Criolla (creole cooking) as a result of the mixing of native culture with the Spanish influence.

Lunch and dinner begin usually with soups and appetizers, and shellfish are typical of these dishes. Sopon de pesado (Fish Soup), Bacalaitos (Cod fritters) are just a couple of examples. There is also Sopon de pollo con arroz (chicken soup), and frijoles negros , black bean soup.