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The Moreton Bay Fig is a tree that is found in Queensland and New South Wales. It grows in gardens and naturally in rainforests. The tree prefers warm weather, it grows near rivers and creeks and it can also found in dry rainforests.

The Moreton Bay Fig is so tall that it can reach twelve metres in height. Its majestic leaves are dark green on the top and rusty brown at the bottom. When the stem breaks it oozes out milky sap. It is used as an ornament and as a shade tree.

The Fig has incredibly huge roots; these can destroy driveways, sewage lines and walls. It belongs to the Moracease family and its scientific name is Ficus Macrophylla.

After fertilization, the stalk turns oval, the colour is reddish brown and the flowers grow around the stalk. The tree needs full exposure to the sun for good growth.

According to specialists, the leaves are used in cattle food although this habit changes the flavour of the milk a little.

In America in the year 1874, a Moreton Bay Fig was planted. This tree is still the largest representative of its kind overseas. It has a 160 foot span.

There are two forms of this tree: the Majestic Tree and the Strangler Vine. The Moreton Bay Fig puts its roots around a plant and takes away the minerals and water. Later the Fig's victim dies because of the lack of essential minerals in the soil.

When the fruit on the tree is not ripe the colour is orange. When it becomes ripe, it turns purple and is fit to eat.

The Moreton bay Fig is a very interesting plant indeed!