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Objective: to study operational structure of logistics department at 'Biocard GMBH' in order to look into ways of switching from manual to a more technology based system when dealing with clinical supply distribution.

The current situation.

I have chosen to conduct my research at 'Biocard GMBH' because I had an opportunity to work there on several occasions over the summer holidays. The organisation in question can be considered as a start-up. It has less than thirty employees; it is divided into two different departments. The main part of its activities is based around clinical trials for major pharmaceutical companies and the second one deal's with clinical supply distribution, which involves shipping clinical trial materials and medication to different regional centers, which conduct specific medical studies.

During the period from July 2003 to October 2003 I was head of the distribution department at Biocard GMBH responsible for the distribution of medicine and other clinical trial materials to contract research organizations (CRO's) around Russia.

The logistics department I was managing was required to take care of customs procedures, place all the kits at specific validated storage facilities and than distribute specific packages around the country when the request is made by a medical center or contract research organisation. When we received study materials from the partner organisation Fisher Clinical Services they would be contained inside the boxes of about five hundred kilograms each. Each box consisting of at least eighty smaller packages (kits). Each package had an eight-digit number, a bar code and a description of what is included inside (e.g. syringes, medical equipment or medicine).

There are several requirements set in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which are enforced on 'Biocard' by the contract. They include: notifying Fisher Clinical Services each time the cargo is received and kits are delivered to...