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Over the years, the nature of business has changed drastically. Part of the reason for this is that businesses are no longer confined to their sell only within its region. It has to obtain goods and services from locations that are remote to it and the products and services it sells are sold worldwide. Thankfully, technology has kept up and actually spurred this growth. We have achieved a truly global business community. Out of necessity, information systems have deeply woven themselves into the basic fabric of business. The real benefits achieved with quality information systems is to allow the business entities, owners, managers, and employees spend more time in the running of the business and less time on the processing information. Business is complex; your job, no matter what your position or relationship to the company, is to focus on making the business profitable and therefore successful. It is the responsibility of upper management through middle management, to focus on the processing of information.

The UK study focused on a free flow of information vital to the success for any business. There was however three areas in the study I found most troubling; they were: Information Policy, Information Hoarders and Information Politics. If controls aren't put in place by management at all levels these practices can drastically hamper productivity.

To remain competitive politics of information must be resolved.

Information policy - The study cited the lack of information policies was at a staggering 60% of Britain's businesses. Bottom line, no policy equates to no established standards. What makes a business good is their ability to remain consistent. Without written policies and procedures one cannot maintain any type of consistency; this is why formal policies are so important. The biggest challenge and most critical success factor in re-engineering projects are...