Information System Technology - This paper covers what must one consider if adding automation to an antiquated system.

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When you begin to introduce an automated system into a business one must consider both the advantages and disadvantages. With respect to the advantages one can enjoy reduced clerical cost, quicker processing time and improved customer service. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the implementation of such technologies is more difficult and yields more unintended consequences than is typically acknowledged. Most agree that the computer capabilities can make life a lot easier for all members in a organization. The advantage of time and accuracy spread over the lifespan of the information system also means improved long-term vision and focus for top, middle and lower managers. In considering the framework for an effective information system structure each level operational, tactical and strategic planning requires different systems.

The primary characteristics of operational-level are repetitive, predictable, and detailed just to name a few. The focus of the operational system is the daily tasks performed at the user level.

The second level in the framework is the tactical system. This system provides middle-level managers with information to monitor and control operation while allocating their resources efficiently. The data is summarized, or analyzed with a wide range of reports. The tactical information system differs from operational information system in the basic purpose: operational support the execution of tasks and a tactical information system supports a manager control over those tasks under their area of supervision as well as the allocation of resources to meet the company objectives set by top management. The tactical information system purpose and the regularity of report produced within the information system are drastically different from an operational system. The third level in the framework is strategic planning, designed to provide top managers with information that assist them in making long-range planning decisions for the business. The...