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Information Systems Platforms2(a) Briefly outline the purpose and major functions of a computer operating system.

• An operating system is a set of programs that controls the basic operation of acomputer. It must be in memory before any other processing is done.

• Some operating systems include: Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows (various versions such as XP, Vista), MAC OS - by Apple Computers, UNIX & LinuxThe three major functions of an operating system-Allocation and AssignmentThe operating system:-allocates resources to the jobs awaiting execution.

-provides locations in primary memory for dataand programs.

-controls the input and output devices such as printers, terminals, and telecommunication links.

-Scheduling-The operating system coordinates the scheduling of work in various areas of the computer.

-Different parts of different jobs can be worked on at the same time.

-MonitoringThe operating system-monitors the activities of the computer system-keeps track of each computer jobMay keep track of-who is using the system,-what programs have been run-any unauthorized attempts to access the system2(b) Outline the differences between the different forms of secondary storage devices and discuss the relative advantages of each type of device?The most common secondary storage technologies are:-• magnetic disk- secondary storage medium in which data are stored using magnetized spots on a hard or floppy disk• optical disk- Use laser technology to store high densities of data on such things as CDs and DVDs.

Advantages of an optical disc is that it runs a lot faster than an optical disc and can store a lot more information.

• flash memory - power not needed to maintain information stored; RAM-like semiconductor device; fast read times (less than RAM) & more shock resistance than HDD. Advantages of this device is that they can hold a lot more memory than an optical disc and is only a quarter of its size.