Information Systems: What We Do With It

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"User acceptance is no longer a major barrier in the wide use of wireless information systems"User acceptance is no longer a major barrier in the wide use of wireless information systems. These days, people are willing to learn how to use a product if it will help them better what they do on a day to day basis. There are also numerous organizations and businesses that are starting to realize how the use of wireless technology can help improve their productivity. It's almost a must that users accept the use of wireless products. This is causing users to increase their knowledge of wireless technology, because they are aware of the wireless movement. In just about every industry today, wireless technology is being deployed.

The major motivation and benefit of a wireless information system is increased mobility. The difference from conventional network connections, network users can move about almost without restriction and access LANs from nearly anywhere.

The other advantages of wireless information systems include cost-effective network setup for hard-to-wire locations such as older buildings and solid-wall structures and reduced cost of ownership-particularly in dynamic environments requiring frequent modifications, thanks to minimal wiring and installation costs per device and user. Wireless systems liberate users from dependence on hard-wired access to the network backbone, giving them anytime, anywhere network access. This freedom to roam offers numerous user benefits for a variety of work environments. Healthcare industries have immediate bedside access to patient information for doctors and hospital staff. Some businesses are able to provide network access for on-site consultants or auditors.

There are also ways to improve database access for roving supervisors such as production line managers, warehouse auditors, or construction engineers. Businesses are able to simplify network configuration for temporary setups such as trade shows or conference rooms. Wireless technology also...