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Information Technology in Indian Aviation


CONTENTS The Role of IT in Aviation - A Global Perspective Aviation IT Infrastructure in India

IT ‐ A Critical Business Component for the Future


The Role of IT in Aviation - A Global Perspective

Introduction Technology has been linked to the aviation industry ever since the first flight-as a key enabler for

communications, business innovation and even business models. For example, in the 1940s, there

were no international telecommunications networks in many parts of the world, so airlines set up

their own private High Frequency radio networks. In the 1950s, the air transport industry began

using teletypes to handle messages using an international standard code (Type B). And in the 1960s,

the industry introduced the first fully‐automated reservation system, along with a core high/medium

speed computerised switching centre, which would form the backbone of the new SITA network.

This set the stage for the worldwide integration of computers and telecommunications into the air

transport industry-and laid the groundwork for the essential role that information technology (IT)

continues to play in the industry today.

A powerful force for change, innovation and growth With the introduction of affordable, portable personal computers and the widespread adoption of

the Internet, IT has ushered in a new information age in aviation. And it continues to serve as a

powerful force for change, innovation and growth.

For example, through technology such as flight operations solutions, which can help airlines plan

flights, manage crews, and access real‐time weather information-as well as solutions like aircraft

emissions manager, which addresses compliance with emissions trading schemes- IT can help the

Air Transport Industry (ATI) adapt to today's constantly changing environment. This includes

everything from economic...