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Information Technology Acts Paper

Todd Hague


MAY 05, 2014






Information Technology Acts Paper

In today's society, we have thieves everywhere we turn. Hackers are everywhere in a more digital society we need to protect our identities and information from terrorists and thieves. The computer fraud information act makes it possible to protect our government systems and American business trade secrets and sensitive information. The computer fraud information act makes it possible to possible to prosecute hackers for unauthorized access to government and business systems. The Law states hackers will not be arrested for possessing a virus code. The law will prosecute for loading a virus onto a computer damaging a computer system. I believe this is ethical because it protects us as a nation from information getting into the wrong hands. The prosecution for such a crime should be maximum prosecution of the law for as much as twenty years in prison and a fine 250.000.

The crime is often hard to prove who committed the crime; however, all criminals eventually get caught you need a good evidence and a good prosecutor to prove it.

The Do Not Call Act, 2003 was designed to protect you. Telemarketers can be annoying and disrupt your morning of sleeping in, your precious time at work and your evenings with your family. Americans are busy today the Federal Trade commission implemented this act to protect Americans getting unwanted calls from telemarketers. The do not call list helps reduce calls from solicitors. Computer and electronic technology has grown largely since the 1980's back then Americans used to get all kinds of phone solicitation calls. The telemarking calls was increasing in 1980's " In 1991 Congress passed The...