Informational System Proposal Summary: Computers & Information Processing

Essay by starkygenius January 2007

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* Draft a 1-2 page (350 words per page) executive summary that states that identifies the areas of the business to be improved, identifies the purpose of the project, and lists stakeholders associated with the project.


The following executive summary will describe the areas in the Riordan Manufacturing Company that needs improvement. The information provided will serve as an overview of the proposed plan of action to improve the business and to list the stakeholders associated with the project.

Executive Summary

As technology advances, so should products and services utilized by companies. No matter what industry arena a company falls in, technology is becoming the key factor that determines profits or loss. In an effort to remain competitive, it is imperative for the Riordan Manufacturing Company to upgrade their current inventory and manufacturing processes.

The primary goal of a manufacturing process is to produce high quality goods or services that perform the functions they are designed for.

Producing quality products creates value and establishes a brand name that consumers feel they can trust. In manufacturing one will always have some defective product at some point or the other. There are usually two potential malfunctioning areas in the system. The first is a random failure that one may not be able to predict or prevent. For example, when a toy company is manufacturing toys, a toy may come across the line with damages, even though no other toy prior or after was damaged. The second breakdown is described as one that affects a batch of products. For example, in a computer manufacturing company, every computer that comes across the manufacturing line with a damaged motherboard can be rectified simultaneously. Using computers is advantageous because the problem can easily be identified and diagnosed. The cause of the problem can easily be...