Informational Systems Proposal Summary

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Informational System Proposal Summary


The following proposal summary has been prepared by the Information Technology (IT) team describing a new information system required by our Advanced Services Network Consulting Engineers (NCEs). The information provided has been summarized and is intended to provide an overview of the proposed project.

Executive Summary

Within our organization we have a group of Network Consulting Engineers (NCEs) that provide Planning, Design, Implementation, and Operational (PDIO) services to contracted enterprise and service provider clients. On a number of recent occasions, it has come to light that one NCE is struggling with a design or planning issue that has already been addressed by another NCE. And in some cases, the solutions provided to our clients were not consistent between the NCEs. It has been determined a new system is needed that will provide an orderly and organized data repository that would be available to all NCEs. This system needs to provide an easy method for the NCEs to access and leverage previously defined design solutions.

This system will provide several key benefits to the NCE team:

NCE will be able to search for data related to the solution being considered

NCE will save time in that we will not "reinvent the wheel"

NCE provided solutions will be more standardized

Using the same solution repeatedly simplifies supporting our solutions

Allows our NCEs to be able to provide backup to one another

With standard solutions we increase the probability that we will continually improve the solution

User Requirements

The IT team spent time interviewing and observing the NCE team using the current information systems. The team discovered that the current systems lacked the flexibility and access to meet the needs of the NCEs. In addition the processes to back up an...