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The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is an interesting topic to study. From the time it was founded, to the activities that are available during tours today.

The NYSE was founded by a group of stock brokers in 1818, who established membership rules and regulations to follow. With banking and insurance stocks dominating at that time, transactions were made one at a time. In 1865 the NYSE was moved to its first permanent address at 10 Broad street in New York City. Another move was made in 1903 to 18 Broad street also in NYC. The NYSE is still located at this address.

By 1900 all trade listings wer exchanged, with the exception of penny stocks. On October 29, 1929, also known as black tuesday, stock holders started selling their stocks by the millions. This resulted in a twelve percentage drop and is also thought to have started to great depression.

Another outstanding downturn happened on October 27, 1997 when the asian currency crisis caused a seven percentage drop and reulted in an early closing in the NYSE that day.

The NYSE encourages businesses to get into the securities market, which now allows more than three-thousand companies to list their shares for public trade. The NYSE also provides free tours to approximately seven-hundred thousand visitors a year. The visitors are able to see the trading floors and may also watch videos, interact with displays, and have access to listings of all stocks.

From the first day in 1818 to the tours they offer today, the New York Stock Exchange has played an essential role in history and sould play one in our lives as well.

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