Informative Speech on Sexually Transmitted Disease

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Specific Purpose Statement: The audience will better understand three different types of STD?s and be more aware of the damage STD?s can cause to a person.

Introduction Attention getter: I was doing some research on the internet and come across a really interesting statistic on the web site, . This statistic said that ?1 in every 5 americans will be treated for an STD by the age of 21? (Statistic, Teen Health) Central Idea: Today I would like you to understand the signs and risks of an STD.

Credibility: I have done a lot of research on this topic because there is so much information about STD?s that many people have not been informed about.

Preview Statement: I will be talking today about Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.

Transition to Body: I chose these three types of STD?s because they are the most common among teens and syphilis can be deadly.

I. Chlamydia- Is caused by a bacteria Chlamydia Trochomatis (Definition, Encyclopedia) A. How Chlamydia is spread.

1. Spread by vaginal sex.

2. Spread by Anal Sex 3. Spread by Oral Sex 4. Passed to baby during pregnancy 5. If some one touches fluids that contain the bacteria and then touches their eye, they can receive it.

a. For girls, if you use the rest room and someone who has not washed their hands opens the door or turns on the faucet before you, and then you touch the door or faucet and then rub your eye you can get it.

b. The bacteria can not live more than 1-2 minutes when exposed to open air.

c. Can not receive it from towel or toilet seat (Fact, Teens Health).

B. The symptoms and signs you may receive if you have Chlamydia.

1. Unusual discharge 2. Pain while urinating 3.