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How To Make An Informed Decision At The Polls

When a government is ruled by the people it has the power to be more successful than any other type of government. In this style of government the greatest freedom a citizen has is the power to vote a leader. However, citizens may not always be fully informed about the politician that he or she may vote for. There are many simple ways to become informed about political candidates. You may follow the national media, attend political rallies, and participate directly in a campaign.

The most convenient source of information is the national media. If you own a television, computer, or radio you can easily access this type of information. If you do not have access to any of these objects you can read a newspaper or political magazine. All of these types of information can be easily obtained and understood.

But, not all of these sources give an equal perception of political candidates. For example, television is generally dominated by the democratic point of view, while radio most often leans toward a republican point of view. Newspapers and magazines are not as controlled as other forms of media. Most papers and magazines will generally lean towards political direction but opinion varies from paper to paper. If you want to gain a clear and equal perception of a political candidate, you must use all of the media sources that you have access to.

Attending a political rally can be a great way of becoming an informed voter. These rallies consist of a candidate, or representative, speaking to a large group of people in order to win their support. However, these rallies will only give you a one sided view of the election. If

you want to become fully informed you...