Infrastructure of media control in Thailand

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Ethical code, which applied to all organizations, can refer to a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct in that particular group or society. Every organization fundamentally needs ethics in communication for sake of accomplishment in the operational functions, particularly media associations that have to maintain the public's faith and truth of news. Codes of ethics can set a meaningful guideline for ethical communication. Due to the media as powerful tools to affect mass movement based on the perception that instantly poses a danger to society, so a great number of restrictions on media had occurred as well as the advent of a code of ethics.

The Press Council of Thailand, together with publishers, editors and reporters from the country's independent media, believed it's necessary that the institution should remain independent and self-regulated in line with democratic tradition. Therefore, code of ethics has been established to ensure professionalism, accountability, and responsibility.

A code of ethics in journalism, as a vehicle for occupational identity, helps them to promote high standards of practice and establish a framework for professional behavior and responsibilities. The word 'Accuracy' is the main key point for all journalists to think of about their performance and works. They have to check and prove those facts before publishing to the public as well as be responsible for impacts of news. These codes will work only if the individual, unit, or industry is serious about making them work.

The most fearful factor for the mass media is the government intervention in terms of the right of expression, therefore, the occurrence of severe confrontation between media, especially journalists, and government happens regularly. For instance, The Thai Journalists Association boycotted 'The Reform and Improve the Media' seminary organized by the government in December 2001 due to the press thought that the...