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1.What is an information system?

Information system (IS) or Management information systems (MIS) as American concept, refers to a gathering multiple parts of equipment and tools involved in the collection and dissemination of information. The information system support the organization tasks for example, In the Operations support systems, including transaction processing systems, IS transfer business data ( cash flow, warehouse information) into suitable valuable information. In management information systems, IS provide database information systems generate output reports, which helping organizations and businesses make appropriate decisions based on their data. In Decision support systems, data is dragged from different sources and then used by managers, who has responsibility to make decision based on the data. In executive information systems , the IS used to exam business trends.

Information system depends on to a basic computer technologies, additionally can also deal with a telephone switching systems or environmental controlling system. The IS integrate resources for store, shared or processed information and some type of reports, as well as the people who manage the system..

People also considered as a part of the system because without them, systems will not operate properly. For example , warehouse and Electronics point of sale. ATMs machine is a type of information systems in bank industry, though this machines the bank be able to provide the customers with more services 24 hours a day like top-up payment as well as withdraw money.

2.Why is the study of information systems important?

Information systems, is the learning of computer hardware and software that organizations, people, and businesses use to gather, store, create, process, and distribute data. The IS mainly deals through functionality of computers. Through studying the IS we will understand how may integrate computer technology with business.

Now these days, Computer technology will continue growing during...