Inherit The Wind

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The book "Inherit The Wind" by Robert E. Lee, is about a man, Bertram Cates, who is accused of teaching the theory of evolution in a public school, that only allowed the theory of creation and the bible to be taught. The theory of evolution says that man evolved from monkeys. When Henry Drummond, a lawyer for Cates, and Bert are talking in the courtroom, while the jury was out making their decision on a verdict. Henry brings up an old memory of an old rocking hoarse he used to have called the "Golden Dancer". Henry says that the "Golden Dancer" was his first long shot. Henry Drummond has a piece of advise for Bert, it is " whenever you see something bright, perfect seeming all gold, with purple spots-look behind the present! And if it's a lie, show it up for what it really is!" To begin with Drummonds quote relates to when he was a kid, Henry had wanted a rocking hoarse by the name of "Golden Dancer", in the big side window of a general store in Wakeman, Ohio. Henry said he used to stand out on the street and say to himself, "if only he had Golden Dancer he would have everything in the world that he wanted." The rocking hoarse had a bright red mane, blue eyes, was gold all over with purple spots. Henry said it was a week's wages for his father, so he knew there would always be a plate glass between him and the rocking hoarse. Until one morning he woke up and saw the beautiful rocking hoarse lying at the foot of his bed, it was the "Golden Dancer". Henry's mother had skimped out on the groceries and his father had worked nights for a month. Henry got...