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The ways immigrants incorporate into American society are critical aspects for understanding why particular groups disproportionately bear the burden of inequality which it undermines their opportunities on their subsequent social success and economic success. Despite the fact that Ethnic inequalities originated in exceedingly diverse ways; ethnic inequality is hardly a unitary phenomenon, I believe that Initial incorporation affect subsequent social and economic successes of ethnic groups. Therefore, I argue that initial incorporation is primary factor in explaining ethnic groups' outcomes. And manner of entrance contribute to incorporation directly. Labor market incorporation and modes of incorporation are very important at certain aspect, however, labor market incorporation and modes of incorporation can not fully explain the origin of inequality which it alters ethnic groups' social and economic outcomes.

Why do some ethnic or racial groups control more valued goods than do others? It is because of the social inequalities through the practice of earlier colonialism.

Involuntary minorities such as African Americans were forced into slavery, so that they formed their collective identity after coming to the New World and in the context of oppression by the dominant society. Hence, their collective identity is "oppositional" psychologically due the same history and experience. "a basic distinction between immigration and colonization as the two major processes through which new population groups are incorporated into a nation. Colonized groups become part of a new society through force or violence." (Blauner 20) Involuntary minorities have lower perform at school because of the conflict between ethnic identity and mainstream educational practices. The perception of "acting white" includes behaviors related to academic success which are not desirable to involuntary minorities. Involuntary minority is the belief that even with the accepting of mainstream ideas; they will not be accepted by those within the majority. There is also the strong belief...