Injuries in High School Athletics

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Injuries are a part every sport, no matter what you do to try to prevent them they will happen. Every year millions of teens participate in high school athletics and undoubtedly, many of them get injured. About 7.2 million teenagers participate in high school athletics and a reported number of 1,442,533 US student athletes get injured. Nobody wants to get an injury because when you do you either have to sit out on the bench or not play at your best.

Of all the high school sport the leading sport with the most injuries are football, followed by wrestling, soccer, and then basketball. In each sport, more players were injured in a competition setting then a practice setting. But what could be the cause of so many injuries? Some say that their coaches are pushing student athletes too hard. Many athletics have the mind set to “win at all costs.”

With that kind of an attitude teens are pushing themselves way past their limits and getting hurt because of it. Coaches should know their players limits and try to get them to do the best that they can.

Some of the more common types of injuries for high school athletes are acute injuries which are injuries that are caused by some kind of trauma. This includes broken bones, torn ligaments, eye injuries, concussions, and spinal cord injuries. Another type of injury is overuse injuries. This kind of injury happens from repetitive movements or actions that put stress on bones or muscles. Anybody who plays a sport can develop an overuse injury, the more time you spend on the sport the more likely you are going to develop an overuse injury. It is important to get overuse injuries diagnosed and treated before they develop into larger chronic problems. Another common injury...