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Racism has been a problem for hundreds of years but I've only recently encountered it first hand. My most recent event was during the summer between tenth and eleventh grade. A good friend of mine organized a week long trip to fort wilderness camp grounds. We all slept in a ten person tent and there was thirteen of us. It was very cramped but we still managed to make room for everyone to sleep comfortably. Another friend of mine's birthday went by while I was at fort wilderness and he had decided to have dinner at the Polynesian Hotel's restaurant. So he called me and asked if I could make it and I said "of course I can make it". Later that day I got all dressed up as best I could considering I was living in the wood for the past five days. I sat on the boat going to and from fort wilderness to the hotels and everything was fine on the way to the hotel.

After dinner I sat on the same boat to go back to the camp site and rendezvous with the rest of my friends. I was the first person on the boat and the boat only filled half way at the first stop when the craft stopped at its second destination there was a long line of tired tourist waiting to go back to their rooms. The gate opens and I am sitting by myself in a three person bench and I made some room for the brigade of tired park goers. As the boat gets completely filled and I mean every sat is taken except the two extra seats next to me. The few people left decided to stand for the rest of the journey.

Now imagine a boat filled to...