Injustice for gays, their significant others, and their rights

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Bianca Arroyave

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10, September 2012

Injustice for gays, their significant others, and their rights

The concept of gay couples isn't something new being introduced into the world. In fact the presence of gay couples have been prominent throughout history; if the Greeks and Romans can do it why is the issue so taboo today? Why is it that in some parts of the world a woman can't love a woman and a man can't love a man? Allowing gay couples the benefits of straight couples, like legal marriage and health benefits, can only help society.

Today there are a large portion of people who don't support same sex marriage because of their roots in faith believing marriage should be between a man and a woman, as described in the bible. At least that is what we take away from the Baker VS Nelson Supreme Court case that defines a marriage as being between a man and woman and the fact that they can bear children (

That is all well and good but what is left to say when divorce rates for married couples are at 46%, while steady gay relationships are slowly increasing and with astounding longevity ( Maggie Gallagher is known as a wildly popular advocate for pro-marriage, but only between straight couples. She believes that a child needs both a mother and a father, and that the purpose of marriage is to ultimately bring about a family (Frank). When you pull away the wool from Maggie Gallagher's views she is suggesting that she supports straight marriage solely on the premise that they can eventually pro create, against same-sex marriage because they cannot.

This brings me to the issue on gay couples being allowed to adopt. There are only 16 states that allow gay couples...