Inner Journeys Essay Using Empire of the Sun as the main Text

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"All Journeys are opportunities for discovery. Some Journeys are opportunities to discover the inner self."

How have the texts you have studied presented the opportunities of the journey?

'All journeys are opportunities for discovery. Some journeys are opportunities to discover the inner self.' This can be clearly seen in the texts, Empire of the Sun, The call of the Wild, The road not taken, The Ivory Trail cover, Dead poets society, Changi and the Poem my Father began as a God. An inner journey is a discovery of one's self, the relationships a person shares with others, and the environment and culture that surrounds that person and the manner in which it influences them. Relationships between all the texts can be found in their similarity and contrasts.

Jims inner journey takes place in Shanghai in china before, during and after WW2. Jim is a privileged, innocent, naive and sheltered child, but by the end of the war he is a young adult, experienced, culturally and socially aware, courageous, empathetic, decisive and skilful in surviving and can analyse others proficiently.

During the war he shows himself to be adaptive to surviving and takes on many mentors and learns many lessons which all shape his inner journey.

Stimulus Material

Text 2: The Ivory Trail

· The image of the individual staring up into the Pyramids and Sphinx, gives us an impression of a person looking at exotic land with curiosity and wonder and awe, as does Jim in Empire of the Sun, his privileged upbringing not fully exposing him to the culture and world around him, as he observes life from his Chauffeur driven car, and wonders about the culture around him, shown in his fascination with the paper flowers.

· Like the Pyramids of Egypt, the war aircraft that tower over...