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Mohamed Zied Attia

Communication 121


"Skill Demo 3"

Active listening is by far the most interesting skill I have learned in this class. I am not

a good listener. I tend to throw in my opinion in the conversation and I end up getting involved a

lot more than I should.

I am glad we went through this subject in class. I encountered a situation similar to the

problems we discussed with my sister Sarah. In fact, she decided to call me the other day and

told me about an issue she came across. Since she just got her driver's license, Sarah asked my

parents to buy her a car. And due to her lack of commitment in school and to her low grades, my

parents refused without delay. Here's how our dialogue went.

Sarah: "Ever since I got my Math grades back, they haven't given me a break. I have been

studying really hard and they both noticed that but I guess I'll have to be blamed from that one

low grade I had in Math. And you know what makes me feel the worst? They promised they'd

buy me a car if I get my driver's license. Just another broken promise."

Me: "Did you say anything back? Did you try and talk to them?"

Sarah: "I did. Of course I did. You know how I am. I tried to explain myself and I kept on telling

them how I've been studying really hard ever since that grade, but it was all in vain."

Me: "Well maybe they just want you to continue on working hard. Maybe this whole thing is just

to encourage you to study harder. I am sure our parents had an idea in mind and it'll work for the

best. You know how...