Innovation and Experimentation

Essay by gibran September 2014

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09-09-2014 Innovation & Experimentation Gibran Shaikh

My first experience in swimming in the pond led me to develop new critical insight for personal and professional growth. All my life, I was sceptical in swimming in water that was not transparent, because of the fear of "unknown" or "not visible" things down below. There were two types of obstacles on my way. The first was the "known" obstacles- the distance to reach the shore, and fatigue. The second obstacles were the "unknown" factors- unknown danger of animals or snakes (under the feet), and the "unknown" estimation of the depth of the pond. During the course of my experience, I figured that the "known" obstacles were far more easier to assess and to rationalise, and therefore to complete. But for the second obstacle- the "unknown" or "not visible", the journey initially was more difficult to complete as my rational to judge and to assess the danger and the solution to overcome the "unknown" obstacle was vague and not clear.

Then an insight just hit me, apart from the survival instincts to keep moving on, I figured that the best way to over -power the unknown is to realise, recognise, and embrace the "unknown" obstacles in life. Whenever, life throws something unexpected or catches you off guard it is then you are given the opportunity to learn something new and different. In my instance, I acknowledged the existence of all the dangerous animals under my feet and accepted the depth to be many miles, with this acceptance and acknowledgment of the" unknown" I went on to reach the shore and embrace my success.

This experience has most definitely made me overcome my fear of danger of unknown things in life. Unknown obstacles are not always scary or dangerous, and to accept and embrace...