Innovation, Design and Creativity

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IntroductionInnovation is a process or concept that is hard to measure and difficult to manage. Many organizations only recognize it when it generates huge growth or profits. In difficult times, declining revenues or during a recession organizations may conclude that innovation, and creativity are just not worth taking the risk. Many organizations take a more conventional approach to conducting business where they focus on matching and beating their competitors rather than to waste money on untested ideas. Innovation, design and creativity have become a necessary function and activity to stay competitive and profitable, innovation, creativity and design are the necessary activities to revitalize growth and profits.

Consider Bert Claeys the CEO and creator of Kinepolis in Belgium, the world's first megaplex (Harvard Business review, 2004). Kinepolis offered movie goers an experience that no other competitor had to offer. Kinepolis offered up to 25 movie screens with up to 7,600 seats in each viewing room (Harvard Business review, 2004).

All viewing rooms included oversized seats, individual arm rests, a steep slope on the floor to ensure an unobstructed view and extended leg room. In addition Kinepolis offered free, well lit and ample parking; Kinepolis challenged the importance of prime city center real estate and located its structure outside of downtown. Bert Claeys innovative way of thinking and approach won 50% of the market in Brussels in its first year of operation and expanded the market by about 40% (Harvard Business review, 2004).

To compare and contrast innovation, creativity and design one must first understand the definition of each term and how each one is applied or used. All three terms are used interchangeably and the definitions for all three are not exclusive to one, but rather are interchangeable or used to define the other (Defining Creativity, 2009). Just about every definition...