Innovation, Design, and Creativity

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The concepts of innovation, design, and creativity are necessary to bring about change to successfully impact an organization or individual. By discussing these three principals one can appreciate a deeper understanding on why these buzz words are so important in organizations.

InnovationAccording to Innovation (2007), innovation is a " novel idea, method, or program," the article continues with a more applied definition exclaiming that "U.S. education is infamous for its love of innovation. In fact, many ideas, methods, and programs that are assumed to be innovations are actually revivals of ideas, methods, and programs that were tried 50 or 100 years earlier"(Innovation, 2007). According to Newell & Turner (2006), "Innovation is the act of developing a new process or product and introducing it to the market. It is essentially an entrepreneurial act, whether it takes place in a start-up firm, a large organization, a not-for-profit, or a public-sector agency" (Newell & Turner, 2006).

Both articles are correct in their definitions of innovation, the main focus is that innovation leads to change.

DesignManaging innovation involves following specific steps to achieve successful implementation of change. The following excerpt is taken from the Newell & Turner (2006) article:Innovation must be seen as a process occurring within an organization, not a single event. This process can be managed. In general, the process follows five stages: (1) idea generation, (2) initial screening, (3) review, (4) seeking sponsorship, and (5) sponsorship and commercialization. At each of these stages the organization's culture must be designed to support the innovation processCreativity"Creativity is an imaginative process that results in the creation of something new, be it a product, a service, or a technique" (Mendenhall & Hillstrom, 2006). In order for change to come around there has to be a need for a change, and someone must have the imaginative...