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The juggadu Indian think tank:

A critical analysis of the essay "There's a bit of innovation in every Indian's life."

Monsoon semester

Dr. gatha Sharma

Abishek maurya

01-December- 2011

Table of contents

Introduction Discussion Seeds of innovation Innovation- the indigenous way India welcomes innovation British touch in Indian innovation I nnovative rural India Conclusion Bibliography Introduction

India is the next hub of innovation. Right from the cheapest cars to the most efficient solar vehicles, from the invention of "zero" to the first use of rockets India has been the center of the innovative sphere. Innovation isn't thinking about bright new ideas but using ideas from one section and applying it to another. But today's Indians don't seem to value their innovations much. They are just determined in fixing a price for it i.e. Selling it to the highest bidder in this market of high competition, where the buyers usually from other countries buys the intellectual right and exploits it to the fullest.

Hence the basic principle of the benefit to the poor, for which these products are usually built, is soon forgotten. This paper also tries to throw light on the fact that India spends very less on research and development as compared to the other developed countries like Singapore. And when it comes to offering incentives to companies for research, the statistics are even poorer. Moreover in India the various co-related organizations lack the ability to collaborate with each other and hence islands of information are formed and the basic bridges to connect them remain absent.

This paper provides an apt knowledge on the growth of innovative minds in our country. The article deals with a wide range of topics right from the report card of India in terms of innovation to the reason why foreign investors want...