Innovation with a Purpose

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An invention was created the world thought could never be done.

One large creation located on mapThe bindings holding it together are about to snap.

We drive our cars and fly our planesUntil one day there was a change.

We could fly, float, soar, and steerThis invention became highly feared.

Chosen men and women took a standTo embark on one of the greatest innovations known to man.

They entered their seats and strapped on their gearThis was going to be recorded as an advancing year.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and away they wentUp and away out of this universe they were sent.

Leaving their families to search and roamThese brave men and women knew they were far from home.

Boys and girls all ages and sizeStand on the ground staring at the sky.

What happened to them? where did they go?Into another universe that nobody knows.

Serving a purpose of exploring new worldsThe advancement of techonology for future boys and girls.

Soaring through the galaxy, millions of miles awayWondering if on earth it is currently night or day.

Waking up and looking out the window to billions of starsLooking to your left and theres the planet Mars.

When we are no longer able to live on the world.

What will become of all these boys and girls?What will we do? Where will we go?Using spacetravel is the only way we will know.

Innovations serve a purpose of making the world a better placeAn innovation extending beyond this world, bringing us into space.

July 21,1969A step further with this innovation and what will we find?A walk on the moon is what man experiencedSuddenly the world was overwelmed with silence.

Tears of joy were streaming down facesMen and women of many different places.

Mixed emotions of awe, fascination, pride and...