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An article written by Patrick M. Buhler entitled, "The manager's role in building an innovative organization," discusses the challenges faced by today's organizations in order to become constantly dynamic. In the article, Buhler stresses that managers have a vital role in shaping, reinforcing and supporting the appropriate culture of the organization. In order to build an innovative work environment, Buhler adds, "the culture of the firm must support this type of organization."(Buhler 39) Lastly, the author mentions that two of the crucial dimensions of this culture include risk tolerance and an openness to change. The following article review will be comprised of the necessity of organizations to incorporate these two crucial dimensions in its organizational culture to survive in today's innovative markets.

I had the opportunity to work for one of the more visionary companies, 3COM, which subjects their job applicants to an intensive and rigorous selection process. 3COM's aim is to identify employees with a particular psyche for some form of conformity.

There would appear to be no reason why other companies cannot apply the same philosophy to identify psyches they see as important to their survival.

The selection process ensures that those that are employed have been identified as already fitting the culture, or being capable of adapting to it. Once employed they indoctrinate their employees through induction programs into the company's core ideology, the 3COM Way. This indoctrination continues in the way they function on a day to day basis. They even have a tradition of a coffee break dating back to how 3COM used to take their breaks when they were a two man outfit. It also includes countless retelling of company myths and stories. The 3COM Way is one style of engendering and maintaining a particular strong culture. For example, in light of a threat...