Inocence and experience.

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This paper compares three literary selections that are connected in some way through genre for LIT 225. The three selections are: Graduation by Angelou, Maya. Araby by Joyce, James and One Friday Morning by Hughes, Langston


I will be discussing innocence and experience and how this relates to literature. I will be reviewing three separate stories, Graduation written by Maya Angelou, Araby written by James Joyce, and One Friday Morning written by Langston Hughes. I will be discussing the setting of the stories, period in which the piece was written, and the characters personality and perception in the stories. I will be comparing how each story represents Innocence and Experience.


Maya Angelou is remembering back to her high school graduation. She recalls the wonder she felt on that day. The way that old tradition had carried through over the years. This story takes place in 1941, in a small black community in Stamps, Arkansas.

An all black school Lafayette County Training School was by no means as fortunate as the nearby all white schools. It had neither trees nor shrubs; it simply had two buildings on a hill. The local people of the town were not wealthy or educated as the nearby white towns or school. However this community was proud of its children and their accomplishments of graduating. Big ceremonies were planned each year for the graduating classes. The lower grade classes were in charge of helping with the festivities. The lower grade girls were in charge of preparing the refreshments; the small children were putting together a small play. The white man from a nearby town came to speak at the graduation ceremony. This is when the tone of the story changes. Because of this being written in the 1940's racism and segregation is an active...