Input Output Storage and Speed of data

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Every company has a different way of outputting the data. There are different software programs and hardware components in today's market. One of the main factors that it is important before purchasing a new software or hardware is a budget. Higher levels of people need to determine what will work the best for the organization. Conclusion has to be made with a careful thought in order to get the right thing.

The best input for printed questionnaires would be the keyboard because the questions can be prepared by typing it, so that way they can avoid unclear handwriting. These days' people are very much familiar how to use keyboards, because most of the input consists of letters and numbers. Telephone surveys would be recommended by voice recognition. The device can be programmed to determine the answers and to be completed by computers. Also a web based surveys are recommended, by having a multiple choice.

The advantage itself is to avoid sending letters to consumers (saving the paper). Surveys are going to be completed in more efficient way. For banking checks a scanning device that recognizes barcodes is recommended. This will save the time to the companies by having the employees manually input the check numbers, etc. By using a bar code scanner the manual input by keyboard will be avoided. Productivity is increased and user input errors will be avoided by typing it. For long documents data compressing is recommended. There are numerous programs in today's market for compressing data. It will save the space on the computer and the speed of transferring the data across the network. (Peter G. Aitken, 2005)By using a hand held computer the best output would be USB connection. Any data can be transferred to a desktop computer and then changed if needed. This way...