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Inquiry for Society Inquiry is the basis of our society. It fuels the questions we ask everyday. These questions give us knowledge of our selves, each other and our community. The dictionary states that inquiry is the search for truth or knowledge. It is imperative that inquiry be taught to children as early as possible. The more questions the children ask, the more they will know. This will undoubtedly become a habit and carry on into adulthood. In adulthood this skill will help them to be knowledgeable in their career of choice. It is also important that teachers have a sense of inquiry. Teachers are the ones most responsible for initiating inquiry because it is their job. Ultimately, inquiry will make a productive, well-informed citizen within a community.

Inquiry in children is, most importantly, initiated by teachers. Through questions children learn how to observe and take note of the world around them.

Imagine what life would be like if nobody asked any questions. Now imagine what one might learn just by asking questions. For students this method of learning ends the listen to learn paradigm of the classroom and gives them a real and authentic goal and real challenges to overcome (Internet, Inquiry Based Education, Feb 5, 2001). The challenge they overcome is finding an answer. Sometimes it's not as simple as asking a question. Certain questions will require intense research and critical study. Overtime asking questions will become second nature to students and eventually a way of life.

Teachers serve a critical role in developing student's inquiry initiative. The first and most important part of this role is to be inquisitive oneself. If a child sees a teacher's enthusiasm for finding answers then the child will want to find answers as well. To be effective the teacher must ask...