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"The Black Tower" is a classic example of crime, detective and espionage literature is a thrilling and exciting read. In most books classed into these catagories the writer will always try to out smart the reader, somewhere beneath the novel he, tries to puzzle you and make you confused. They hate us thinking that we are on top of this book, us thinking that we know where and why they did that. Etc. by them, the writer, playing these little games with us, the reader, it creates an effect that will almost always make us adictted or hooked in some way. The idea in hooking us to this book is to enable us to continue reading on without and worries or qualms.

"The Black Tower" portrays, in an extenvive manner, the different ways in which the writer varies his ways of denying gratification and steering their expectations in a direction so he or she doesn't know how to get back.

In the book there are many examples of how the writer tricks and plays with the readers head. Although we tend not to see the effects of his ploys and conspicuous plans until the near end of the book. Much like in all crime, detective and espionage novels. His intentions of foul play and deception are very present through out the book. James P.D has very peculiar in which he sneaks up on characters and the reader, this adds a type suspense that is, even though very frightening, it also very addictive. The way that James doesn't leave it until the very last minute to pile on all these fantastic techniques to enchant you into this great book.

The book is set in a small care centre for the ill called "Toynton Grange" in southeast Scotland. The care centre, or Nursing home, has a number of people living there for all sorts of reasons. Father Baddly who is a proprietor and one of the head administrators of the whole complex. He is basically the guy who runs the show. Even though there are others who help and do things here and there. Most of the main characters are in fact the patients of the centre. Dalgliesh who was a former commander had come in after a serious illness, miraculously and astonishingly he recovered from it apparently from the Grange.

The book is predominantly about a killer who is lurking about the Toynton, he plans a serious of murders and manslaughter's to particular persons in the area. The book also a mysterious poison pen letter sender, now this person(s) was supposedly linked to all the murders but latter does it reveal that the poison writer was only playing and not doing anything to provoke these mysteries murders.