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Insane Clown posse It all started in Detriot Michigan, when these two guys wanted to start a gang. One was named Joseph Bruce(Violent J) and the other was Joseph Utsler(Shaggy 2 Dope). They started a street gang called "Inmner City Posse." Inner city started to rap and they came out with an independant record called "Dog Beats." The thing was that other Detriot street gangs, that had been around for much longer than Inner City was, didn't like the fact of the Posse rappin'. So to stop the Posse from doing anything else they sent out a bonbardment of gang related violence the posse's way.

Everyone who was in Inner City Posse skipped town for safe keeping of their lives, except for Joe Utsler and Joe Bruce. Finally after Joe Bruce got out of jail for the 4th time, the two changed their life around. They claimed they were visited by a Dark Carnival, the spirits told them to send out 6 messages, about the Dark Carnival, to the world.

They quit Inner City Posse and became Insane Clown Posse. They decided to spread the word of the Dark Carnival through music. So they changed their names to Violent J and Shaggy 2Dope. They put on face paint to look like clowns. they sing about the spirits. J and Shaggy decided to make each cd a joker's card and each one would state a message sent by the Dark Carnival. They were only the messengers.

ICP recorded its first joker card in 1991, it was called " Carnival of Carnage." But it wasn't released until late in '92 due to meny problems. They made an EP called "Beverly Kills 50187," before the next joker's card was released. The 2nd Joker's card was named "The Ringmaster." When the 2nd cd was released sales were higher than expected. The 2nd cd was also follwed by another EP called "Terror Wheel." B the time Terror Wheel was released ICP had a number of fans. Record labels were raren' to get a shot at signing ICP.

They signed with a label called Jive Records for a small amount of money. After the debut of the 3rd joker's card called "The Riddle Box," ICP discovered Jive's plan. It was to only release their cd in Mighigan and nowhere else while jive made all the profit.After that had happened ICP got together a street team to spread the word about ICP around the USA. Each town They visited was designated a "clown town." ICP is known for the horrific concerts they put on. Their concerts involve complete and utter chaos, stage props, and fans known as Juggalos would dress up like clowns, and about over a 1,000 gallons of Faygo. Anything and everything could happen at a concert of their's. I asked one of my friends that went to an ICP show what happened and he stated " It was crazy their were people dressed as clowns all over the place and they were throwing Faygo everywhere. They would had these big guns on the stage that spryed faygo like a fire house to drench the people who were afraid of getting wet. No one has ever seen ICP withou make up on. It was crazy!!!!" Juggalo's aren't people who follw the Dark Carnival their just people who don't care. that's who juggalos are. Faygo is a cheap soda they sell in low profit parts of towns. They sell it here in Jacksonville. You can go buy a 3 liter of Faygo for $.89. Yuo can't get so much of any other kind of soda for so littleand suprisingly it taste really good.

ICP sign with Hollywood records for their 4th jokers card "The Great Melinko." They were allowed to do what ever they wanted on the cd. But only six hours after it was released it was taken off of the shelves due to content because Hollywood recods was owned by Disney and Disney can't have that kind of music on their label. Luckily, Island records snatch them up cause they offered money and respect for the Insane Clown Posse. Then something went wrong, Hollywood Records refused to release ICP from their contract unless they pay Disney 2 million dollars. So ICP sent their friend Alex Abbiss down to negotiate with them. he stated if they didn't lower the sum he would bring the all the juggalo to burn down Disney World.Disney lowered their sum and Island paid them.The great melinko was re-released with bonus tracks on it.

ICP has also been in wrestling like big names such as WWF, ECW, and WCW. They started out in WWF wrestling with a bunch of side show freaks known as the Oddities. They then moved from WWF to WCW, met with a friend, Vampiro, and started terrorizing the WCW. ICP quit WCW and started their own organizatin called Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestling. It's popularity is up there with WCW and WWF.

In the summer of 1999, they released the 5th jokers card The Amazing Jekyl Brothers. It was amazing, icp made billboard spot #4 without any radio play or mtv spots. It was dedicated to the juggalos. That summer ICp got respect. They played at WoodStock and was on a magazine that turned out to be the best selling issue they've had.They've started their own line of comic books. They've even got a motion picture out called "Big Money Hustlas." It is about a cop stuck in the seventies that idolizes the t.v. show character "Dolimite," who has to stop a gang boss from currupting his fair city.

Icp is a rap grouyp that mixes hevy metal with rap. They are one of the most hated groups in US. It isn't any of that Eminim crap. Icp been around and will stay around. The wicked clowns will never die!!!!!!